Cylinder Block Assembly

Cylinder Blocks

In line with Company’s strategy to move up the value chain, Jaya Hind Industries made its foray in product category of Cylinder Blocks in the year 2008. At that time, Jaya Hind Industries was the first independent die casting company in India do venture in this product line.

Under technical license from KS-Germany, Jaya Hind Industries has built world-class infrastructure for cylinder blocks which consists of die casting machines from Buhler-Switzerland, handling robots from ABB-Sweden, dosing furnaces from Striko-Germany, auto-sprayers from Wollin-Germany, Intergrated trimming presses, combination grippers from IPR-Germany, liner feeding station, heating cooling units from Thermobeihl-Germany, Vacuum assist units from Fondarex- Switzerland, Jet cooling units from AHRESTY-Japan.

Cylinder Block Assembly

With a modest beginning in 2008, Jaya Hind Industries has now well established its presence in this product line, by bagging prestigious orders for cylinder blocks from Ford-India, Mahindra & Tata Motors. With technical assistance from KS-Huayu in Germany, Jaya Hind Industries has been able to achieve global average ppm levels for its blocks at customer end. Today, Jaya Hind Industries - KS-Huayu is able to offer judicious selection of high pressure or low pressure process which gives greater freedom to customers to design the engine for high power, low size applications.


2,00,000 Cylinder blocks/annum

Fully machined and assembled