Jaya Hind - Gravity Die Casting

This is another special process at Jaya Hind Industries to manufacture Cylinder Heads, Compressor Housings for Turbo Chargers, Manifolds, Flywheel Housings and Clutch Housings. This facility was set-up with technology tie-up with Hydro-Aluminium, Austria primarily for cylinder head manufacturing. The cylinder head manufacturing process consists of Sand Plant, hot box core shooters from Roeperwerke, fully automatic linear casting lines from Fill, Austria and Gudel, Switzerland. Downstream processes like de-coring, heat treatments like water quenching, polymer quenching and air quenching, riser cutting and impregnation plant, amply support to make a part ready for critical engine application.

Critical parts like Cylinder Head undergoe strict quality control checks at every stage of manufacturing. Jaya Hind has set-up a laboratory to check critical process parameters like chemical composition, density index, Dendrite Arm Spacing (DAS), microstructure, mechanical properties, Sand size, core hardness, cleanliness etc.

With this world class set-up and installed capacity of 3,00,000 cylinder heads per annum, Jaya Hind is well poised to address demand for cylinder heads for automotive application. Today Jaya Hind supplies variety of complex Aluminum cylinder heads to world renowned OEMs like Ford, Mahindra, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki and Force Motors Ltd.

Jaya Hind Industries today is one of the few companies in India who have mastered the process of making complex 16 valve cylinder heads for modern CRDi engine applications.

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