Jaya Hind - Auto components

Jaya Hind Industries started manufacturing auto components primarily to support its vehicle manufacturing venture. However, within a short time, it established itself in the market to supply ignition coils and ACGs to independent OEMs.

Jaya Hind today is a leading supplier to 2/3-wheeler industry for ignition coils, AC generators and fly-wheel generators, manufactured under strict quality control. Tier 1 supplier to automobile OEMs for clutch disc and clutch cover assembly ranging from dia 160 mm to 430 mm, 4-piston rigid disc brakes, water pumps, etc.

Auto components Features

  • PLC-Controlled Multi-Spindle
    Flier Winding Machine
  • InHouse R & D Facility
  • AC Generator & Ignition Coil
  • Caliper Brake & Clutches
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